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POWER and Iraq State Company for Oil Project(SCOP) signed MOU

Pub Date: Oct 10, 2019    |    Views: 65        

On Sep 24th, 2019 at Baghdad, Iraq, Mr. Fan Wei Wang, President of POWER and Mr. Raad Rafeeq, Director General of Iraq State Company for Oil Projects (SCOP) signed MOU in the premises of Ministry of Oil (MoO).

SCOP is the largest state-owned oil company directly under the administration of MoO and has abundant local market resources, especially in oil and gas EPC projects, covering all over Iraq. As a promising business area, POWER has accumulated extensive experience regarding the EPCC Projects covering the upstream of oil & gas exploration and development. This meeting marks a tremendous milestone for both parties bonding together exploring EPCC Projects in Iraq Oil and Gas Market.

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