Power Petroleum International Co., Limited is committed to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees and contractors at work and others who may be affected by our activities as well as ensuring to protect the environment. Our target is to eliminate all injuries and incidents by creating culture of prevention.

Our HSE commitments are:

No Accidents

No Harm to People

No Damage to the Environment

We will comply with all regulatory and health, safety, security and environmental (referred to as‘HSE’) requirements and will continually improve our HSE performance. This will be demonstrated by monitoring key HSE performance indicators and auditing and reviewing our activities in order to reduce the potential for serious injuries and incidents to occur from our activities.

Company will provide a safe work environment to all employees by ensuring all operations are assessed and identified risks are eliminated or effectively managed.

All employees have a responsibility for the health and safety of themselves and others who might be affected by their actions. Every employee has the right and obligation to intervene and to stop any work when observing unsafe behaviors. We will ensure they are well informed and committed to safety and environmental improvement program.

Company management is accountable for ensuring that systems are developed and in place for HSE management and provides adequate training for all employees. All employees and contractors are responsible for preventing injuries and incidents by complying with the stands and policies by the Company.

We will keep seeking advanced solution to avoid, reduce or control the impact that our operations may have on the environment. We recognize that there are technical and economic factors that make this a difficult balance that must be managed.



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