Drilling Bit

POWER provides all kind of drilling bits with different specification to meet our Client requirement.

3 12.png 3 1/2"6.png 6" 8 12.png 8 1/2" 9 12.png 9 1/2"

       12 14.png 12 1/4" 16.png16" 26.png26"

POWER's Conventional Bit:

PDC:pdc.png TSP:TSP.png ND:ND.pngImpregnate:IMPIGNATE.pngCoring:CORING.png

POWER's New Product:


EHS1624 PDC/CONE Complex Bit

Customer Specific Design:

      S1.png                    S2.png

Partial pressure balancing pad         Auxiliary cutting tooth design

     S3.png                  S4.png

    Special protection                 Longer protection

    S5.png                S6.png

       Mixed tooth                    Spiral protection

    S7.png                S8.png

   Sharp/crenate design              Reverse reaming tooth

POWER offers special design according to user requirements.

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